Localized Dialogs – My First Commercial Plugin For Unity

So, probably not the best idea to start this blog with a shameless plug of my own plugin, but here we go!

Anyway lol .. One of the problems I had while I was programming Ninja Guy was managing cutscenes. The even bigger issue, was how I was going to deal with the endless spectrum of different screen resolutions found on Android as well as the iOS and the Desktop versions. Creating separate builds was definitely on the table, but for a small team, that wasn’t a productive solution. I was the only programmer ( as well as UI designer, music composer and even occasional voice actor! lol ), so we needed something solid that was going to allow us to build the entire game, and be scalable enough to be ported to any resolution and platform.

After much thought and development time, the result was the Localized Dialog System. An all-in-one plugin that handled all the language localizations, GUI scaling and even an insanely easy to use editor that allowed us to basically design the conversational cutscenes visually like a flow-diagram. It required no extra coding at all, making it accessible to the rest of the team via point and click. This saved us an incredible amount of time, and this system is now available on the Unity Asset Store for everyone to take advantage of.

I even took the liberty of recording a tutorial video that explains how to use the system!


Asset Store Link


Hopefully some of you will find this useful! My next post will be about saving tremendous amounts of RAM from 3D Meshes! =)


– Mel

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