Post Brutal – Unity3D Mobile Game Inspired By Zombies, Fallout and Dues Ex!


This is the first public showcase of my own personal project made with Unity, “POST BRUTAL”.

It’s a 3D Action-RPG based in a Post Apocalyptic and Brutal environment ( .. The title makes sense now, right? ). It finds you struggling to survive in a city cut off from the rest of the world, plagued by a virus that turned the majority of the population into a zombie-like state. Unlike the typical zombie genre, the zombies aren’t the real threat, the rival factions in the city aspire to take control while external governmental influences complicate your survival even further.. The storyline get’s a lot deeper but we’re holding that back for now! =)

The greatest thing about Post Brutal is a feature set that we can’t yet share. We’re keeping it TOP SECRET because we think it’s going to be ground breaking! Not just for a mobile game, but for video games in general!

The great thing about Unity3D is that it enables independent small teams and even single developers to create commercial quality titles. There are 2 more people on the team helping me with the non-technical areas of Post Brutal. Development is coming along nicely. What I can show you is some early engine videos, starting with this one that showcases some of the early zombie AI (which has since been vastly improved!), the cool stealth / detection system, and a glimpse of the attack systems. There’ll be way more videos to follow! If you like the vid, please let us know and show your support! =)


– Mel

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