Post Brutal – Attack And Adrenaline Ability Engine Test


This is the second public development video of my own personal project made with Unity, “POST BRUTAL”.

Quick Background

It’s a 3D Action-RPG based in a Post Apocalyptic and Brutal environment ( .. The title makes sense now, right? ). It finds you struggling to survive in a city cut off from the rest of the world, plagued by a virus that turned the majority of the population into a zombie-like state. Unlike the typical zombie genre, the zombies aren’t the real threat, the rival factions in the city aspire to take control while external governmental influences complicate your survival even further..

In This Video

In this development video, we get a glimpse of the real time combat engine, allowing you to switch between a single melee and ranged weapon from your inventory ( the inventory will be shown in a later clip ) and literally cutting down wave after wave of zombie with gorgeously crazy gore! Limbs get torn off, heads are decapitated and blood rains down! We also activate the “Adrenaline Rush” ability, which slows down time in a matrix style effect that allows us to withstand damage for a limited time and get up close and personal with our melee weapon of choice! More abilities will be available depending on the type of character you have, such as a stealth ability allowing you to become invisible for a short time ( also coming up in a future video! ).


This video is in fact already out-of-date, we’re about 2 months ahead of this video, so much of the AI is vastly improved!

There’ll be way more videos to follow! If you like the vid, please let us know and show your support! =)


– Mel