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Data Kit – The Reimagined Save Game System For Unity

by Hell Tap

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DataKit Title


Data Kit v2.2.2 Overview

Introducing DataKit, the reimagined new approach to saving and loading your game’s data.

Almost every game has data that needs to be saved and loaded. But let’s face it, working with data is often very abstract, difficult to visualise and down right tedious to debug. How about serialising different data types? That’s a whole other set of problems!

DataKit is a unique cross-platform data serialization system to automatically handle most aspects of saving and loading your game’s data. Features include local and global data, save slots, save points, data groups, obfuscation, encryption and even automatic screenshots. Another great DataKit feature is the intuitive visual debugger, allowing you to view, edit, delete and restore your serialized data in real-time while testing your games in the Editor! DataKit is a powerful core asset that any game project could benefit from!

Offering unique and intuitive visual editors, you can easily setup and debug the data you’d like to save. DataKit offers “Global Data” for storing things like graphics settings or In-App Purchases and “Local Data” for setting up what is saved in each save point. All of your data keys are organized into groups for better management and fast performance.

Along with options to save your data to local files or directly into PlayerPrefs, you can also choose how many save slots and save points you’d like DataKit to manage for you. Save slots allow you to implement multiple characters or accounts. Save points are essentially snapshots of local data, allowing a user to load the state of the game at a previous point in time. DataKit can also manage deleting the oldest save points to keep within a maximum limit.

Unlike systems such as PlayerPrefs which only support saving integers, floats and strings; DataKit allows you to serialize most common data types, even when using arrays and custom classes (see ‘Compatible Types’ in the documentation PDF for a full list). DataKit also offers a variety of ways to serialize references. As well as saving many reference types by value, the optional Reference Database system allows you to directly reference specific assets located in the Resources folder.

DataKit also features some powerful obfuscation options! You can deter cheating by obfuscating your data with 128-bit AES Encryption or with the faster but less secure XOR algorithm. If you don’t need encryption, DataKit can literally strip it out of its own codebase using a simple platform define in Unity’ Player Settings.

In short, DataKit is a powerhouse of a plugin that will give you new and intuitive ways to save, load and debug your game’s data!


  • Visually Setup & Debug Your Game’s Data!
  • Automatically Handle All File I/O!
  • Local & Global Data!
  • Data Groups & Keys!
  • Save Slots & Save Points!
  • Serialize Common Value & Reference Types!
  • Save External Assets! (Local Files Only)
  • Multi-threaded file operations!
  • Optional XOR Obfuscation!
  • Optional AES Encryption!
  • Optional Reference Database System!
  • Automatically Capture Screenshots!
  • Preload Data In Editor For Fast Testing!
  • Event Driven API!
  • Comes with 8 Fully Commented Example scenes!
  • Documentation PDF and High quality video tutorials!
  • Full source, No DLLs!
  • Fast and friendly email support!
  • Compatible with Unity 2018.4 or higher!

Introduction Video

Find out more about DataKit in this short video:

Requirements – Unity 2021.3 or higher.
Legacy versions available for Unity 2018.4 or higher.


Data Kit Screenshots


Data Kit Demos

DataKit Tech Demo (WebGL)

DataKit - Tech Demo (WebGL)

See a variety of DataKit tech demos in this WebGL example!

> DataKit Tech Demo (WebGL)


Data Kit Tutorial Videos

1) Data Kit – Tutorial 1 – Setting And Debugging Data

In this first Data Kit tutorial, we take a complete look at setting up your default game data. Then, we’ll find out how to use the DataKit Debugger in real-time to debug your data in the Editor.

2) Data Kit – Tutorial 2 – The Reference Database

In this video, we take a quick look at how to setup the optional Reference Database system.

3) Data Kit – Tutorial 3 – Scripting With DataKit

In this video, we’ll learn how to script with DataKit. We’ll cover some of the common DataKit Events, as well as how to dynamically save and load data keys.


Data Kit Support

Here you can find ways to get support or download the Interaction Kit documentation. Don’t forget to watch the videos over in the “Videos” tab! 🙂

Data Kit Documentation

> Data Kit Documentation (PDF)

Unity Data Kit Forum

> Data Kit Unity Forum


Data Kit Version History




Please read the upgrade notes in the Documentation PDF before updating.


  • UI Fixes.


  • Updates for Unity 2021.3
  • New Constants Tool


  • Fixes for Unity 2019.3


  • Implemented “External Assets”. Users can now save assets into their own external files to keep DataKit’s core save data lightweight and blazingly fast!
  • Reference Database V2: allows sub-assets (children), automatic updates when creating builds, optional initialization modes and support for Transforms (via GameObjects).
  • New Multi-threading for loading, saving and deleting external files.
- inspector types: byte, short, decimal, AnimationCurve, Gradient, Shader and Transform.
  • New updated serializable types now use constants to cache keys resulting in much better performance!
  • Save / Load Global Data independently in the Editor.
  • Debugging options for threads and external assets.
  • DataKit.IsReferenceDatabaseReady() API method to check whether the Reference Database is ready.


  • DataKit now handles corrupted data files when building save point maps.
  • Fixed potential memory leak when updating screenshots.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the Mini Notifications UI in the demo scenes.
  • Fixed bug with Vector4’s not saving the W value correctly.


  • First commercial release of Data Kit.


Are you ready to integrate the ultimate unity data system? Buy the DataKit plugin now!

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Release Information

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  • Released

    June 14, 2019

  • Last Updated

    September 18, 2023

  • Compatible With

    Unity 2018.4 +

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