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Interaction Kit v3.0.1 Overview

Interaction Kit is an innovative and powerful system to handle practically any kind of interaction in your games. It is possible to build interactions with the kind of depth you’d see in popular RPG games. Anything from simple door triggers, switches, complex quests or even non-linear conditional speech can be built with InteractionKit’s incredibly easy to use visual logic system. The UI is powered by a very flexible editor that allows you to customise the placement, appearance and effects of your interface.

Interaction Kit has everything you need to make any GameObject interactive in a matter of minutes! The friendly editor allows you to choose from 6 RayCasting techniques that cover the majority of game genres as well as offering unprecedented control over collisions via a mix of layers and game tags!

Finally, the real power comes from the Interact editor which allows you to easily create conditional events just by pointing and clicking the mouse. Each event can trigger a wide array of built-in actions and you can even trigger external scripts! Maybe you want to create an interaction on a door, but only have it open if you acquire the key? Perhaps you want to build a conversation with an NPC that is different depending on the progress the player has made? All of this and more is possible with InteractionKit, the all in one power house of developing interactions!


  • Make any GameObject interactive!
  • Powerful, easy to use editors!
  • Easily build Conditional Events for any interaction!
  • Test both PlayerPrefs and Local Variables!
  • Events can trigger a wide array of Built-in actions!
  • Actions can call external scripts!
  • 8 Customizable Detection Modes to cover most games!
  • Setup obstacles based on Physics Layers and Game Tags!
  • Easily Customizable UI!
  • Fully Compatible with Unity’s new and default Input System!
  • Custom Event Actions for LDC Plugin!
  • All 3 Tech Demos Included!
  • Detailed PDF manual!
  • FULL source (No DLLs!)
  • Compatible With Unity 2020.1 and up!
  • Legacy Versions Available For Unity 2017.x, 2018.x and 2019.x!

Introduction Video

Find out more about InteractionKit in this short video:

Requirements – Unity 2020.1 ( Legacy versions are available for older versions of Unity )


Interaction Kit Screenshots


Interaction Kit Tutorial Videos

1) Interaction Kit – Tutorial 1 – Basics

In this first InteractionKit tutorial, we take a look at implementing Interaction Kit into a basic FPS style game.

2) Interaction Kit – Tutorial 2 – Runtime Tools

In this video, we take a look at the different detection modes, how they work and how you can set them up to take advantage of different types of games.

3) Interaction Kit – Tutorial 3 – Building Interactions

In this video, we focus in on how to build interactions with 2 different examples. In the first we create a type of loot-style interaction that can be picked up. The second example shows how to build a sequential dialogue with an NPC using Interaction Kit’s powerful conditional events.


Interaction Kit Support

Here you can find ways to get support or download the Interaction Kit documentation. Don’t forget to watch the videos over in the “Videos” tab! 🙂

Interaction Kit Documentation

> Interaction Kit Documentation (PDF)

Unity Interaction Kit Forum

> Interaction Kit Unity Forum


Interaction Kit Version History



  • Bugfix for Unity 2021 (automatic setting up of GameObject icons would throw console errors).


  • Fully supports Unity’s new Input System or the default system.
  • Included demos automatically switch between default and new input systems.


  • Updated for Unity 2020.1
  • Changed Local Variable Ints to use letter names to make them easier to understand.
  • The “Activate GameObjects By Name” action now works as expected.
  • The Message Canvas script in the demos now exposes its “ShowMessage” method to make it compatible with UnityEvents as well as custom SendMessage actions.


  • Updated for Unity 2019.3


  • Updated GUIDs of InteractionKit to work with other HellTap tools without conflicts.
  • Unity 2017.4 (LTS) is now the minimum supported version.


  • New “Hold to Trigger” options on every interact screen. Allows you to setup interactions where the player has to hold the input down for a specific duration before triggering it.
  • New Multi-cam / Player switcher demo which showcases switching between different character and camera rigs.


  • New Local Integer Variables! Each Interact component can use up to 10 number variables to simplify conditional events without using PlayerPrefs!
  • New Local Integer Variable Actions! Set, add, subtract and randomize your variables using built-in actions!
  • New Unity Event actions! You can now use Unity’s built-in event system in every conditional event!


  • New detection modes for “Mouse Raycast 2D” and “Mouse Raycast 3D”. Great for point and click based input!
  • Audio Improvements: Slight fade-ins to reduce audio popping as well as a dedicated AudioSource for transitions
  • Fixed a bug where a custom icon would sometimes not appear.
  • First Commercial version of plugin.


  • First commercial release of Interaction Kit.


Are you ready to integrate a powerful interaction system into your Unity Projects? Buy the InteractionKit plugin now!

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Release Information

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  • Released

    February 16, 2018

  • Last Updated

    November 19, 2022

  • Compatible With

    Unity 2020.1 +

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