Dark Crimson – GUISkins For LDC

by Hell Tap

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Dark Crimson For LDC

About Dark Crimson

Dark Crimson is a set of modern GUISkins created for the Localized Dialogs & Cutscenes system.

Dark Crimson utilises modern dark grey backdrops and curves to provide a visually appealing base for the wine coloured buttons and trim of the skin. It includes some great unicode fonts which balance nicely with the skin’s modern theme. This GUISkin series works great for visual novels and games set in a modern or futuristic sci-fi setting.

You can also use Dark Crimson as a starting point for your project, as it can be easily customised with different colours, images and fonts. Please note that this package is designed to be installed alongside LDC.

The Package Includes:

  • SD and HD versions of all localized skins.
  • Localised GUISkins for English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Simplified Chinese.
  • Some useful icons (close icon, locked icon).

This skin will always be updated to take advantage of the latest LDC features!





IMPORTANT NOTES:  Please note that the package only contains resources for the skin itself. Portraits, backgrounds and characters used in the screenshots are not included in the package – they were found online at various free websites and I do not claim ownership of them. The LDC System is available separately and is not a part of this package. Also note that if you are using these skins outside of LDC some effort may be needed on your part to integrate them correctly. 


Dark Crimson requires the Localised Dialogs & Cutscenes plugin.



If you’re ready to add the Dark Crimson theme to LDC, buy it now! 🙂

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    November 8, 2014

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    May 28, 2020

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